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Build fast, low-carbon Webflow sites in minutes.

What's it all about?

Self-host your Webflow sites

Download Flowty's code repository, and configure your site to run on the web host of your choice.

Automatic optimisations

Choose the optimisations you want applied to yours site, and let Flowty do the rest!

Webflow sites

Flowty's optimisations can reduce the weight of your website. This allows it to be faster, and better for the planet too!

Instantly better performance

Flowty allows you to host all your website assets on the same domain. This means better performance right away.

Better with Flowty

Compare the same site using Flowty with the original hosted on Webflow.
Tested From: Virginia USA - EC2 - Chrome - Emulated Motorola G (gen 4) - 4G network

Want to know more?

Flowty is currently under construction.
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